Thursday, July 29, 2010

Time in its truest meaning

This was sent to me by a freind good thought and idea

To realize

The value of a sister/brother

Ask someone

Who doesn't have one.

To realize

The value of ten years:

Ask a newly

Divorced couple.

To realize

The value of four years:

Ask a graduate.

To realize

The value of one year:

Ask a student who

Has failed a final exam.

To realize The value of nine months:

Ask a mother who gave birth to a stillborn.

To realize

The value of one month:

Ask a mother

Who has given birth to

A premature baby....

To realize

The value of one week:

Ask an editor of a weekly newspaper.

To realize

The value of one minute:

Ask a person

Who has missed the train, bus or plane.

To realize

The value of one-second:

Ask a person

Who has survived an accident.

Time waits for no one.

Treasure every moment you have.

You will treasure it even more when

You can share it with someone special.

To realize the value of a friend or family member:


The origin of this letter is unknown,

But it brings good luck to everyone who passes it on.


Hold on tight to the ones you love!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

In my Words

Anyone who has read my blog knows I am full of thoughts both satirical and true, I try to raise points to cause one to think in a pause, not to just run at life with a full steam ahead attitude, but to stop and look around yourself and think” is this the world I live in?” or “did I forget what it was like?” I celebrate life, through jest and humor as well as getting close to the heart of people and where they are. I forget sometimes my self that there is a world around me in places like Northern Ireland, as a side note who can figure these people out still fighting each other what’s up with these people any way.

So far, we are fortunate no riots here …yet. I am somewhat like you getting up everyday busy with personal life. Involved in a chat room checking emails and Face book your day moves on with family and work.

But some wake up like we do busy with normal life, and a knock comes on the door and as if a moment could change as the speed of light. A family member has died in combat. How much harder news could be news then hearing that. Yea I know, people die everyday some in car wrecks from sickness, disease and alike.

But these deaths are different you if are a military family watch the news constantly, you are careful about the knocking on the door. So many outside forces control your mind. News of any sort is important, you check emails and Face book, not for the hell of it but for that loved one leaving a post, you have a sigh of relief if you see some sort of message.

I am like that; in fact I live that daily. With three sons in the Army we live it every day my wife and I. Since the USA went into Iraq in the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom which one of my sons being a section chief on a 105 howitzer, we have seen them all go over and come home safe. I don’t know about my wife, but I play a scenario over and over again in my head how to tell family members. I know its weird, almost surrealistic as I wonder how to say it and where to say it if one of my sons died. Maybe it is a good idea if you take time to think about that scenario, what or how would you say “I have something to tell you, your……is gone.” When you live in that world you think differently the American Flag means more than a banner on a pole. When you pray you pray to a “hearing” God not an icon on a church wall because of a religious doctrine. You greet people with more respect especially if they serve or have served. Dignity for military Moms and Dads is more important to you because you play the same game. Waiting, watching and hoping and most of all knee worn praying, “Lord keep them safe and bring them home safe”. I am a devout supporter of a strong military especially if it is led by Patton type Generals who are in the fight to win, yes I do hate politicizing the war as well. I down right want to kick ass (forgive me) on any politician that plays with my sons’ life to win political presence, power or vote. Let me have at it with them especially those “cheap bastards” who were in the military and come home to criticize it and cast hatred toward our most precious defense, the blood and sacrifice of our sons and daughters. These are the sorry pieces of work that run for government and use the war as a stepping-stone to gain fame and power. Well let me tell you what that is my sons neck your are using to go up your ladder and give me 5 minutes in a dark room and maybe I would loose but brother you will be in a world of hurt.

So to bring this to an end take time today and let your mouse go over and over the names here at this web site and look out your window to near and far as you put a face and name to the cost of our freedom. Then when you see the American Flag you will defender her and hold her sacred and when you pass a church you will know a living God is there who hears prayer.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A new Patriotic View

United States Code Title 4 Chapter 1 — The Flag

§9. Conduct during hoisting, lowering or passing of flag

During the ceremony of hoisting or lowering the flag or when the flag is passing in a parade or in review, all persons present in uniform should render the military salute. Members of the Armed Forces and veterans who are present but not in uniform may render the military salute. All other persons present should face the flag and stand at attention with their right hand over the heart, or if applicable, remove their headdress with their right hand and hold it at the left shoulder, the hand being over the heart. Citizens of other countries present should stand at attention. All such conduct toward the flag in a moving column should be rendered at the moment the flag passes

So last night July 10, 2010 my wife and I attended a local Fireman’s parade, like many held throughout the US. I was setting on the sidewalk before the activities started and I could not just sit there a burning in my heart was intense concerning our American Flag and how we should respect it. So I got up and approached the platform where the so called dignitaries were and spoke to one asking a favor, could they announce that all persons should show proper respect for the American Flag. I also asked that they have a moment of silence for the five members of the Armed Forces that lost their life that day. I then told them that I had a son currently in Afghanistan and I would appreciate it. I was never more upset with the way they handled it bumbling through it and lacking neither any kind of significance to what I said nor the importance of it.

As the American Flag passed several times I stood with my wife, hands over the heart, as it passed by I watched through the corner of my eye as so many if any at all saw fit nor to respect our Flag.

Has our American Flag become just another common icon like a Campbell’s soup label or an Elvis picture. Over and over again complacency has taken root in our society. I was one of those who in the past lacked understanding for the American Flag and the proper respect. It was about 20 or so years ago when I started on my own personal crusade to show respect for the American Flag. I would stand at attention and place my hand over my heart, not my hat as so many do, I would take my hat in my left hand and place it at my side and the my right hand was free to cover my heart. However since then it’s not really caught on and after this morning’s deeper searching into the background of the American Flag I became more upset. President George Bush disrespected our American Flag in many ways and he is the good guy from Texas I thought the President or his aide would know protocol so as not to offend our American Flag. I am going to ask at the very least read the section 9 again and salute this emblem for freedom. We at the very least should do that. If you really want to bring back patriotism and protocol for this “blood bought” sign of freedom then read the American Flag Code. Pass it on to local fire departments police, fire, school and other government agencies contact your local Tea Party and have them read it

as well to make sure they don’t violate the American Flag. Contact your congressmen and ask if they understand the protocol for our American Flag. But please it is so important that our American Flag be placed where it should be as a sign of freedom that cost this country its most prized posseion the blood of many who rose to the occasion to defend it. .

So may God Bless our American Flag and may all who read this pass it on and be vocal, it is the last symbol to a world, that seeks refuge and freedom and wherever this American Flag goes there is a world that will see freedoms defenders. When I started writing this I said Flag, then I realized it’s not just a Flag but the American Flag that I am talking about.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

They always break crosses don't they

It’s the 1920’s gay, roaring whatever you want them to be called it was a time of joy and prosperity and people seemed happy. They defeated an enemy money flowed and technology was taking off again. Some places in this world weren’t doing so good at all. Europe needed to come back from the destruction the war had cost them. Devastation must have been hard for them to live through. If you lived in the country, your farm may have been destroyed by bombs, mortars gunfire and alike. No more your buildings would house your animals or the feed. Even your house destroyed or in need of a lot of repair. That plus the loss of family members a husband, son or father to run your farm, gone, dying on the battle field. I have tried to put myself in their shoes as I thought about what to write in this blog.

Germany not to be trusted and held in check so to speak, a once powerful nation brought down. Now it’s people having to clean up the mess of war. I spoke of the people in the country side what of those in the city that had jobs in factories now gone forever or what of your apartment building destroyed. You are still alive; you’re in the same situation a father or husband dead from the on slight of war. Where do you go how do you face winter while you seek refuge in the streets. If you are lucky you get to leave to go away from all this to a land of hope and freedom if not you must remain and somehow find life and make it back again.

My mind is moving in so many directions in so many avenues of thought I could speak of the defeated soldier coming back to his home and along the way the hatred he must have felt knowing that people looking at him with distain and resentment as they pick up the pieces of the lives now destroyed and put them in some order. The countless stories untold because of war and what it does to change people and normalcy gone from their lives. I just can’t imagine how it must be; I can’t wrap my head around it at all. But somewhere out of the ashes the phoenix rises he flies upward and with him are hope and a new life a new direction. He brings hope and a change that is so radically new that what didn’t make sense now has a life of its own. Why this new way, has a new type of leader, he speaks with a hope of an evangelist he carries a symbol that he displays proudly and because despair is all you know you are willing to forgive after all if God had not let this war happen you would not be where you are.

The swastika is a broken cross; however it has a history a mile long and has been used by many cultures and religions including Judaism and Christianity, believe it or not. (I went to Wikipedia and read).

But to me I adhere to the fact of it being a broken cross a symbol of destruction of my Christian beliefs , today there is another broken cross and it is inverted (yea I went back t Wikipedia and did some reading too),it also to me represents destruction. I know the intent on both symbols is supposed to have different meanings are backed by different thought.

But are they really backed by original intent. Show a swastika to anyone today and tell them what it represents in its original intent and they will quickly inform you it is a sign from the Nazis and enough said. The peace sign is very popular today especially with its influx during the hippie movement of the 60’s I see young people today wearing it has been displayed every where it seems so innocent but to me it is a symbol again I hold in distain. It wouldn’t bother me if they had stayed with the flags overlapped for Nuclear Disarmament but they have a Christian cross turned upside down and broken. Well in my book a broken cross is a sign of no hope no peace only anger and hatred. Yea I am stretching it but I have to wonder as both came about through the advent of war to show a new hope and change for a new future. Those that quickly adapted it adapted the life within the symbol.

The 60’s generation like the Germans in the 20’s looked to this new thing to change from war to peace. It is easy to look to a symbol to represent hope and change but the very same group of people that adopted the swastika were clearly led away from its original intent and a whole bunch of people died because of it. The peace symbol has an interesting background , the very counter culture has too backed and put in to office a man in my book ,no short of being a dictator, I am not stretching this one either. This so called hope and change has the imprint of Hitler all over it whatever original intent it is far now from what was promised.

I still cannot get out of my head Michelle and the children leaving the platform in Chicago and Obama standing there with a gaze a picture of himself as a Caesar being hailed by the masses. It scared me then and has proved my thinking right as well. This is what I seen in those old 30’s and 40’s news reels of Hitler standing there with the crowds shouting and free willing, I might add, Heil Hitler!! Heil Hitler! No I don’t think that these people of today will go that far or will they?

I will leave you with this final thought is this what you were promised high taxes, more taxes , unemployment and leadership that spits in the faces of the masses………Heil Obama Heil Obama

Friday, July 9, 2010

1984 and Animal Farm

Question was : 1984 and Animal Farm for reading in HS for what may come or what will come? were we being set up a long time ago and did not realize it

Thursday, July 8, 2010

America Christian Nation

No No No...look in any dictionary to be a Christian any thing means to follow the one before you whose leadership you ascribe to. Whether Buddhism, Confucius, or any other religion the premise is to follow a leader and ascribe with your whole heart to it. You are only a Christian Nation if you ascribe to Jesus Christ. Now lets face it do we truly I mean truly ascribe to Christ His teachings His way of life, His deep commitment to the Father who art in Heaven. We gave up on the run on the Christian thing long ago and don’t throw the “when they took prayer out of schools” thing either. We long ago turned our back as a nation to Him who is Holy.

Any one can stand inside an aisle where plumbing parts are sold and say, “I’m a plumber”. We all know how stupid this is yet we say cause we go to church and pray we are somehow more holy and live with in the constraints of a divine inspired invisible walls of this country and all of a sudden God spreads some kind of magic light from Heaven and we some how are better than any one else on this world. Nothing could be farther from the truth. To be Holy one must live as He who one follows, in this case Christ, who by the way followed His Father, He sought His Fathers will and divine intervention which by the way included a cross to give salvation to those who could only earn it by Divine Grace.

So before you paint the Christian brush on the borders of the USA and portray the USA as a Nation under God, look aground you would you live as a pig wallowing in mud? you may want to know even a pig defecates away from his food and bed and keeps his bed clean. Sad to say they respect their home more than we do. Bend down America and eat the slop from the trough and enjoy this you want to live in. A Christian nation has a Holy, payer led, Divine inspired life of its own. A natural leaning not forced but just assumed that “this is the way a Christian Nation lives”.

Yes God is present here and in every part of this world does He act on behalf of the USA only?..NO!…His divine plan is salvation…not peace, prosperity, nor good health none of these things. He wants us to be in Heaven..FOREVER…

Quit the false premises America. Look what He did with Israel He punished them severely. They became disobedient and He led them in to captivity to be slaves to those whose gods they worshipped.

Quit looking up just the “fluff” verses. This is a battlefront a war zone for the hearts of man. This battle will continue even after Armageddon…because after a thousand years the Devil who is Satan will be released and yes even after a thousand years of a Holy Divine Awesome and all powerful Christ there will be those who turn to Satan instead of Christ.

Don’t try to make this a Christian nation no more, instead find any one some one and you be a witness if you follow Christ and live for Him represent His ways and teachings by living as close as you can to His ways and change that person. Paul did this and it got him beheaded…don’t expect that everyone will love you …”As they hated Me”…read the Bible and don’t skip the begats or the laws or any other part of Holy Scriptures. Seek on your face your need for forgiveness then rise up and when you fail, back to the carpet face down. He will forgive, He paid that debt a long time ago. “None, no not one”…..yea none of us can expect a flowerily lifestyle, however we can see the war more clearly and discipline our lives to follow the… “Master” …as John and Peter and the other disciples called Him. Stand up America to follow Christ, we may not be a Christian nation anymore but we can sure show the world …Grace and Mercy that leads to Salvation.

By the way the “road to destruction is broad and wide…how many go that way? …Many!

But narrow is the road that leads to life…as an old farm boy I would go down to the pasture to bring up the cows and they always had these paths stuck amongst the brush and debris that you had to go wandering through to find them, many times I got scratched and tripped and slipped in to wet spots looking for them. But the joy was in finding them. Follow Christ yes it is hard but the joy is in finding Him.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Commuity Organizer or Leader?

Our country has now seen what it is like to elect a community organizer to a position that Ronald Reagen held as a leader.

The vast and stark differences are definitive, no one can hold to saying, that to bring the US into a place of leadership in the world we need a community organizer with community ideas. Hillary Clinton with her “It takes a Village” was another one who believe in the aspects of a community. Every one in a community mind set with no winners or losers. We cannot see how evident that the “World Peace” activism is wrong totally wrong and also that making everyone the same on a playing field with no winners is wrong as well and to further use the “game mentality” you cannot take the crowd and bring them on the field as well.

Who the hell would go to watch Peyton Manning play football if he gave Bret Favre a big hug before the game and said “we hope you win Bret” and further who would want the referees to come out on the field dressed in pink and lavender and say”well all we are here to do is make the game fair so Peyton if you score to many touchdowns Green Bay will get your extras so that you both have the same points at the end of the game.” Then someone in the crowd yells out “I want to play let me play it’s not fair so the referees can do nothing more than let the one play and then others in the crowd want to play too. Because we are trying to be fair we let anyone play who wants to . As well as they get the same pay as Peyton. I could go on and on .Competition is there for a reason ,we all like it, well those that understand there are always going to be winners and losers. Losers are losers if they just set, whine, complain and refuse to provide themselves a self respect that demands they get up and do something about themselves and don’t run to the ones who have as a cash cow for their life.

I guess what I am trying to say is Obama’s view of America is to equal everything out and make everyone the same. In that kind of world those that work hard and are disciplined and have a positive attitude about them will have to freely give to the losers, who by definition are not willing to get up off the dead spot on their back side and make it happen. Robin Trower in one of his songs “Too Rolling Stoned” has one line that will stick with me and hopefully you as well. “Takers get the Honey….Givers sing the Blues”

Those that just go on taking and taking what wasn’t theirs to begin with bring misery to those who have their money or possessions taken away to give to the losers. You cannot take and take and take...truth is that cash well has to run dry. Community Organizers are nothing more than a cancer to suck the life out of the producers. They come out of nowhere, however unlike cancer they represent “hope and change” saying how the rich and prosperous must pay their fair share. I have yet to be employed by a welfare recipient or homeless person. They can’t find a way to support themselves yet they look at prosperity as a sin. Community Organizers love these people to further their agenda they target these as the down trodden that couldn’t make it because of unfair rules and such. Nothing but lies.

Leaders however tell those takers. Sorry about your luck now get up and get moving. Leaders also point to the good ahead and the bad that is behind. They inspire and encourage and lead by example. They adjust to tragedy and resolve to rise above and not, dwell and regress but move forward. In doing so the losers benefit by the fact that the kind hearted sympathetic leaders give to those who they have mercy on, but if you just become a community leader you fail to inspire but become the chief complainer no one gains in this situation but all loose.
You have a choice America which will you follow?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

My country tis of THEE       for   a song by Diamond Rio it needs no comment ....this is looking out my back door and on this Independence Day I will celebrate by being able to see this view during the daytime to see the glory of God and tonite the Freedom that we have...sometimes 7or8  shows at one time to see ...what fun...

Friday, July 2, 2010

"wild animal safari usa"

try this one on for size private citizens establish a corporation called "wild animal safari usa" we buy the land  a mile wide band along the border and stuff it with wild animals of all sorts. the rio grande could be filled with crocs and phiranas and lions tigers and bears roam the land as well we then on the American side sell tickets to people to enter the park for recreation and on the Mex side let them cut their own holes
we would have PETA and the Sierra club and other animals rights groups on our side as we protect endangered species..wolves Heynas coyotes etc

travelinbill: any one in on it with me ?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Whose fault is it any way?

Daniel 10v13 "the prince of the Persian king resisted me twenty one days" You are scratching your head Bill what are you trying to say? prince of Persian king where are you going with this..
Hang in there it takes a bit of time to develope. The roots of this country remember how it got started and whose idea it was "people of faith in God and not just any God but the one true Holy God of the Bible. England looked at the New World as a profit making machine but those  who came here sought a new place far away from persecution and forced ways to believe . They knew that they could be here, with England far away. So as this country developes it has greater and greater leanings toward God. His wisdom is sought to develope from our very roots and foundations to who we are and what we beleive. They trusted Him to make decisions they could not make for themselves and if you have any doubt read up on these amazing men its almost like seeing Abraham, Elijah, Daniel,David,as well as others from the scriptures that beleived.
You cannot put modern day thinking to the way they thought. They had no internet ,radio television to form thought, only books of that era and the Bible. You must remember these men were forming a New Country different in every way. They knew of kings and kingdoms and other forms of goverment none was anywhere near what they sought. They wanted new and bold so they went back and found the Bibke gave the best answer for their questions.
So getting back to the "whose fault is it any way". Its Gods! because our roots are based in Him and His word we have invited an attack from the evil one Satan. I don't care what you think but answer me this, why does Obama and the goverment whether Federal State or Local, do what they do it makes no sense, no reason, we are being destroyed by a higher power. They are being lead unfortunately by their blindness. They don't care what they do or how they do it.
Now reallly think about it why destroy a country that not only takes care of its own and even feeds and cares for the rest of the world. Why?Unless it is by a higher power . Look at Europe some of Gods greatest work was done there and look at where they are today full of anger and strife. They turned from God and He graciously stepped aside and as His free will for us individually dictates.
Is He willing to help us, any time we ask. But it must be with a repentant heart.
Israel when in the Old Testament turned from God ,He gave them what they wanted. The same applies to us, when they went to fight battles He was there when they served Him they won, when they turned their back on Him they lost. When they were hungry, He fed them, when they turned their back to Him they starved. When they complained about the mana he gave them the quail and struck them for the glutinous hording and consuming they did.
When anyone turns their back to God or tells Him to step aside He is so filled with such Grace He does, and it cannot be easy for Him, but as he has allowed us to be free with our thinking He must allow us to have our way.
A free nation full of freedom and free thinking men is ripe for the picking in Satans eyes. Ask yourself why a nation that defends and feeds and gives monetary support to the world at large , why are we being allowed to be destroyed with in. I see a Tower of Babel in Washington DC where we have told God to step aside, where we have become our own god as a nation. We have shaken our fist at God and what used to be suffient has now become mana to us and we hate it. When we have found no leadership we have built a golden calf and worshipped it. We call upon Him who is Holy and surrender for a moment to His will(remember 9/11 and how we felt) and then quickly shove Him aside when we think we can do a better job.
The current leadership in this country will do the bidding of Satan, without question or doubt, yes they may call it Liberalism or Proggesiveism but it still the same thing in itself .Rebellion toward God. I long for the US to turn arround ,but more so than anything I pray for individuals to turn around and bow to their knees and repent for their foolishness. Daniel ,Shadrach,Meshach and Abednego suffered the fate of their rebellious nation and so will men who follow God, suffer here. It is Grace in action. Deny God as  a head of household and the family suffers. Yes it is Gods fault in one way and one way alone. He had hope that as He did with Israel that we would hold fast to His truths and follow Him. But I don't see the great eagle of the US in Revelations and I know the end of the book. God loves us all but by His own admission He will give us what we want and we will suffer our choices.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Power of Choice

I usually start thinking about nothing and don't have any clear idea and as the day progresses and it becomes clear to me. So I some how, came about thinking of choices and who makes them. I mean everybody has an idea about choices from some of the most minute choices, to the choices that would last a life time. You spend sometimes hours on choices and others in a flash you've made a decision. Sometimes others either make choices that affect you directly indirectly or will affect you now or will affect you down the road in to the future.
So choices seem to me to be very important they seem to be so important that we should not hasten them .OK I'm not saying weather the chocolate or white milk decisions, but the choices that will impact you whether directly or indirectly.
Lets say marriage, you would never just walk out on the street and grab someones hand stand before a judge or minister and say I do and hope for bliss.It just doesn't work that way its what does happen when you do spend sometime in thought. Is it the right one is it the right time is it the best thing you should do.Allot to consider, considering the divorce rate in the US.
The real direction of my thought is this as a country we go to a voting booth and we spend so much time on the President so much on Congressmen but as far as local elections some shlub comes along and hes a friend of so and so or hes a great guy others say. We put little investment into these politicians on the local scale and yet somehow some way  or another, these people are the very ones that make choices that affect us directly and indirectly. They also move on and grow in the political spectrum and they just keep going and like  lets say Barrack Obama.
How foolish some people were who took that one vote and used it to put in power pretty much the worst man we have seen on the political front . He came from some where and why was he so special. How bad were his opposition candidates both in and out of party.Someone was there, who was it.
Bottom line we need to have not good candidates at the local level but great candidates. One whose heart and mind are in grounded in truth but in knowledge of the founding documents and liberties of this country. If they move up in the political arena we can have great candidates and are assured they will at least have the tools to make decisions based on what they know. I would hope that the future we we will see people making choices as I see them not just being with a "one vote doesn't matter" or "I ain't good enough".We must take a part whether in the public or behind the scene .We can make a difference but  the foundation begins with making a choice. The right choice.

please read this

got this off facebook from the "Pledge to Renewal" site

how Radical

People are starting to get angry with the Pres. and well they should. He is destroying the very fabric of our country by his way of thinking and putting inn to our lives by using the gov. to get his way.
So here comes the anger and what follows then? I raised seven children that always seemed to bring me to anger and the next step when I was young was to lash out in violence and I justified it and until I learned that to break them with truth was much better the tool. One example I used on them was, I always had rules and they would break them . One day I got out the game of Monopoly and set it up, however I gave my self the usual start up money and I gave them 5.00 each they complained "not fair you didn't give us the money we were supposed to get" in which I told them. "You changed my rules to suit your needs I am changing the rules to my favor seems fair to me"
We need to be careful and make sure we don't reach out with anger followed by violence that leads to reverse anger condemning us. Stay on message and use wisdom to prove your point. Truth wins if you present it right. But it looses its value when you force people to believe as you do. What we should be like is ,well like a carrot in a garden, amongst all the other vegetables planted in the garden even if overwhelmed with other veg tables the carrot still comes out a carrot. Its what is inside the carrot that makes it a carrot, its genetic code causes it to only take from the earth what it needs to be a carrot. Most people are born carrots but somehow look at tomatoes or radishes and want to be like them . Truth is the only thing that will bring them around. You want to be a radical be a radical learner and study the truth, be a radical in the way you live don't be a public lie or hypocrite, be radical in honesty, sometimes its hard when those seemingly Innocent things will go unnoticed. But if you pilfer,"white Lie",fall prey to waste, you lessen who you are and people will see that and your solid truth you profess will be nothing.

Over the Top

this thought is dedicated to Jesus whose message of salvation was from one to another and so on and it keeps traveling. The libs in the same way will continue spreading their message in the same way going over the top of reason and thought. Making it the truth with no foundation but keep preaching it as truth and like Winston Churchill said "a lie can make it half way arround the world before truth can tie its shoes."

So truth needs to go over the top it needs to be the hammer that crushes the lies put forth by the libs. I listened to a radio preacher years ago who went to the Denver Mint and he asked "how do these" (refering to the people looking for counterfit bills), "how do they find the counterfit bills by looking at counterfit bills to find the flaws . No he was told they look over and over at the real dollar they know all the parts and when an imperfection is there they spot it.Our truth needs to be over the top of the lies so much so that when the people see the lies put forth the see it and

Monday, June 28, 2010

the changes

When I was young my world with Micky Mouse club,My Friend Flicka,Skyler King, Father Knows Best my parents leaned toward the radio and listened to shows like the Show of Shows,Amos and Andy,The Shadow and many more and how these shows or at least most of them transitioned to TV. Their parents, my grandparents started their lives reading books and newspapers they transitioned into radio when it came along. Today however my children and grandchildren are being exposed to a world I never seen in my youth. How sad their minds are being shaped and what comes with the destroying of the mind comes destroying of everything wholesome and true.
I remember "Tinker Toys,Lincoln Logs,Erector Sets" and other creative toys. My wife and I recently went out to get Monopoly to play with the grand kids how cheaply made it was and rules and cards were changed. Products are coming in from countries that don't understand our culture and national thought as it pertains to the way we work,play and live.
Now my point is this we have so far given up as we have gone down through especially the past decades a road that strips us of our purism the fabric and fibre that makes us who we are. Our lifestyle so to speak has been dumbed down we have no foundation as it was when I was young. As even if you could try to protect your children from the bad things their friends parents don 't share the same values. I wish I had a clear cut answer that you could put your hand on and say this is it.
My best answer is get close to truth and live it be a witness an example.How many people do you know that you have said I wish I was like him or her. I like Mother Teresa, who when alive past off what this world had to offer and sought the comfort of God in His arms for where to live her life out.