Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Over the Top

this thought is dedicated to Jesus whose message of salvation was from one to another and so on and it keeps traveling. The libs in the same way will continue spreading their message in the same way going over the top of reason and thought. Making it the truth with no foundation but keep preaching it as truth and like Winston Churchill said "a lie can make it half way arround the world before truth can tie its shoes."

So truth needs to go over the top it needs to be the hammer that crushes the lies put forth by the libs. I listened to a radio preacher years ago who went to the Denver Mint and he asked "how do these" (refering to the people looking for counterfit bills), "how do they find the counterfit bills by looking at counterfit bills to find the flaws . No he was told they look over and over at the real dollar they know all the parts and when an imperfection is there they spot it.Our truth needs to be over the top of the lies so much so that when the people see the lies put forth the see it and

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