Saturday, July 10, 2010

They always break crosses don't they

It’s the 1920’s gay, roaring whatever you want them to be called it was a time of joy and prosperity and people seemed happy. They defeated an enemy money flowed and technology was taking off again. Some places in this world weren’t doing so good at all. Europe needed to come back from the destruction the war had cost them. Devastation must have been hard for them to live through. If you lived in the country, your farm may have been destroyed by bombs, mortars gunfire and alike. No more your buildings would house your animals or the feed. Even your house destroyed or in need of a lot of repair. That plus the loss of family members a husband, son or father to run your farm, gone, dying on the battle field. I have tried to put myself in their shoes as I thought about what to write in this blog.

Germany not to be trusted and held in check so to speak, a once powerful nation brought down. Now it’s people having to clean up the mess of war. I spoke of the people in the country side what of those in the city that had jobs in factories now gone forever or what of your apartment building destroyed. You are still alive; you’re in the same situation a father or husband dead from the on slight of war. Where do you go how do you face winter while you seek refuge in the streets. If you are lucky you get to leave to go away from all this to a land of hope and freedom if not you must remain and somehow find life and make it back again.

My mind is moving in so many directions in so many avenues of thought I could speak of the defeated soldier coming back to his home and along the way the hatred he must have felt knowing that people looking at him with distain and resentment as they pick up the pieces of the lives now destroyed and put them in some order. The countless stories untold because of war and what it does to change people and normalcy gone from their lives. I just can’t imagine how it must be; I can’t wrap my head around it at all. But somewhere out of the ashes the phoenix rises he flies upward and with him are hope and a new life a new direction. He brings hope and a change that is so radically new that what didn’t make sense now has a life of its own. Why this new way, has a new type of leader, he speaks with a hope of an evangelist he carries a symbol that he displays proudly and because despair is all you know you are willing to forgive after all if God had not let this war happen you would not be where you are.

The swastika is a broken cross; however it has a history a mile long and has been used by many cultures and religions including Judaism and Christianity, believe it or not. (I went to Wikipedia and read).

But to me I adhere to the fact of it being a broken cross a symbol of destruction of my Christian beliefs , today there is another broken cross and it is inverted (yea I went back t Wikipedia and did some reading too),it also to me represents destruction. I know the intent on both symbols is supposed to have different meanings are backed by different thought.

But are they really backed by original intent. Show a swastika to anyone today and tell them what it represents in its original intent and they will quickly inform you it is a sign from the Nazis and enough said. The peace sign is very popular today especially with its influx during the hippie movement of the 60’s I see young people today wearing it has been displayed every where it seems so innocent but to me it is a symbol again I hold in distain. It wouldn’t bother me if they had stayed with the flags overlapped for Nuclear Disarmament but they have a Christian cross turned upside down and broken. Well in my book a broken cross is a sign of no hope no peace only anger and hatred. Yea I am stretching it but I have to wonder as both came about through the advent of war to show a new hope and change for a new future. Those that quickly adapted it adapted the life within the symbol.

The 60’s generation like the Germans in the 20’s looked to this new thing to change from war to peace. It is easy to look to a symbol to represent hope and change but the very same group of people that adopted the swastika were clearly led away from its original intent and a whole bunch of people died because of it. The peace symbol has an interesting background , the very counter culture has too backed and put in to office a man in my book ,no short of being a dictator, I am not stretching this one either. This so called hope and change has the imprint of Hitler all over it whatever original intent it is far now from what was promised.

I still cannot get out of my head Michelle and the children leaving the platform in Chicago and Obama standing there with a gaze a picture of himself as a Caesar being hailed by the masses. It scared me then and has proved my thinking right as well. This is what I seen in those old 30’s and 40’s news reels of Hitler standing there with the crowds shouting and free willing, I might add, Heil Hitler!! Heil Hitler! No I don’t think that these people of today will go that far or will they?

I will leave you with this final thought is this what you were promised high taxes, more taxes , unemployment and leadership that spits in the faces of the masses………Heil Obama Heil Obama


  1. This is history once again repeating itself, those videos of Hitler standing alone on the stage/platform with thousands worshipping the ground he walked on. Is exactly what is and has been happening here in America. Many blindsided by their disdain for the past administration feeling that this is Change we needed. A new place and time to correct the mistakes of the past only to finally wake up and find you are in a worse place than before. I have said that my feelings about Obama started when he ran for the Senate seat in Il.and won. The talk at that time of him being a good candidate in 2008 for president. I had bad vibed then and still do it is almost like he has no soul. I am afraid for the first time in my life of those running this country and where we are headed. It is not a direction we should as country want for our children and generations that follow. How do we get the masses that put this man a pedestal to wake them up before it is too late ?? The power of prayer to ask for God's guidance and help may be a first step.

  2. I have often wondered how people could let a dictator take over. I'm afraid we may be witnessing the process if we don't do something to avert his continued march toward control.