Thursday, July 15, 2010

In my Words

Anyone who has read my blog knows I am full of thoughts both satirical and true, I try to raise points to cause one to think in a pause, not to just run at life with a full steam ahead attitude, but to stop and look around yourself and think” is this the world I live in?” or “did I forget what it was like?” I celebrate life, through jest and humor as well as getting close to the heart of people and where they are. I forget sometimes my self that there is a world around me in places like Northern Ireland, as a side note who can figure these people out still fighting each other what’s up with these people any way.

So far, we are fortunate no riots here …yet. I am somewhat like you getting up everyday busy with personal life. Involved in a chat room checking emails and Face book your day moves on with family and work.

But some wake up like we do busy with normal life, and a knock comes on the door and as if a moment could change as the speed of light. A family member has died in combat. How much harder news could be news then hearing that. Yea I know, people die everyday some in car wrecks from sickness, disease and alike.

But these deaths are different you if are a military family watch the news constantly, you are careful about the knocking on the door. So many outside forces control your mind. News of any sort is important, you check emails and Face book, not for the hell of it but for that loved one leaving a post, you have a sigh of relief if you see some sort of message.

I am like that; in fact I live that daily. With three sons in the Army we live it every day my wife and I. Since the USA went into Iraq in the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom which one of my sons being a section chief on a 105 howitzer, we have seen them all go over and come home safe. I don’t know about my wife, but I play a scenario over and over again in my head how to tell family members. I know its weird, almost surrealistic as I wonder how to say it and where to say it if one of my sons died. Maybe it is a good idea if you take time to think about that scenario, what or how would you say “I have something to tell you, your……is gone.” When you live in that world you think differently the American Flag means more than a banner on a pole. When you pray you pray to a “hearing” God not an icon on a church wall because of a religious doctrine. You greet people with more respect especially if they serve or have served. Dignity for military Moms and Dads is more important to you because you play the same game. Waiting, watching and hoping and most of all knee worn praying, “Lord keep them safe and bring them home safe”. I am a devout supporter of a strong military especially if it is led by Patton type Generals who are in the fight to win, yes I do hate politicizing the war as well. I down right want to kick ass (forgive me) on any politician that plays with my sons’ life to win political presence, power or vote. Let me have at it with them especially those “cheap bastards” who were in the military and come home to criticize it and cast hatred toward our most precious defense, the blood and sacrifice of our sons and daughters. These are the sorry pieces of work that run for government and use the war as a stepping-stone to gain fame and power. Well let me tell you what that is my sons neck your are using to go up your ladder and give me 5 minutes in a dark room and maybe I would loose but brother you will be in a world of hurt.

So to bring this to an end take time today and let your mouse go over and over the names here at this web site and look out your window to near and far as you put a face and name to the cost of our freedom. Then when you see the American Flag you will defender her and hold her sacred and when you pass a church you will know a living God is there who hears prayer.


  1. Very well said and I like you had someone in the military our grandson was a medic in Iraq for two tours. Watched the news daily,dreaded every time that phone would ring. Prayed daily for his and all the other serving this country a safe return home. We had the privilege while he was in Iraq to talk to him or live via video on Yahoo Messenger. It would be early morning here and night over there, just being able to communicate with him other than snail mail meant so much to all of us.
    We need to let our military fight this war the way they were taught to fight and all these candy ass politicians butt out. After all it is not about them it is about our military being put in harms way with all this political correctness crap. All those that use our military to gain votes and points for themselves need a good ass whooping for sure. They don't deserve what our military provide.

  2. Thank you Bill for sharing with all of the first hand concerns of a family with sons in service of our precious country. I will remember every day to pray specifically for your sons, their safe return, and peace given to you and your wife until all are safely home. I am thankful for you, that you bring us to reality with your posts. May God Bless You and Yours!

  3. Anyone, who has served realizes that the "knock on the door" may happen ! The one thing that keeps them going is knowing that some one... will answer that knock !!! Strong family ties are what makes the soldier of today, that's what the fight is all about !!!