Monday, June 28, 2010

the changes

When I was young my world with Micky Mouse club,My Friend Flicka,Skyler King, Father Knows Best my parents leaned toward the radio and listened to shows like the Show of Shows,Amos and Andy,The Shadow and many more and how these shows or at least most of them transitioned to TV. Their parents, my grandparents started their lives reading books and newspapers they transitioned into radio when it came along. Today however my children and grandchildren are being exposed to a world I never seen in my youth. How sad their minds are being shaped and what comes with the destroying of the mind comes destroying of everything wholesome and true.
I remember "Tinker Toys,Lincoln Logs,Erector Sets" and other creative toys. My wife and I recently went out to get Monopoly to play with the grand kids how cheaply made it was and rules and cards were changed. Products are coming in from countries that don't understand our culture and national thought as it pertains to the way we work,play and live.
Now my point is this we have so far given up as we have gone down through especially the past decades a road that strips us of our purism the fabric and fibre that makes us who we are. Our lifestyle so to speak has been dumbed down we have no foundation as it was when I was young. As even if you could try to protect your children from the bad things their friends parents don 't share the same values. I wish I had a clear cut answer that you could put your hand on and say this is it.
My best answer is get close to truth and live it be a witness an example.How many people do you know that you have said I wish I was like him or her. I like Mother Teresa, who when alive past off what this world had to offer and sought the comfort of God in His arms for where to live her life out.

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  1. Oh so very true. My sister posted a pic on her FB the other day of us at Christmas. In that picture?? Tinker Toys. I worry as well about what is going in the minds of our children. I have an 18 yr old with ADD, who is at times socially 15. She is a follower. Am I in a hurry for her to leave the nest... no way... not in this world.