Tuesday, June 29, 2010

how Radical

People are starting to get angry with the Pres. and well they should. He is destroying the very fabric of our country by his way of thinking and putting inn to our lives by using the gov. to get his way.
So here comes the anger and what follows then? I raised seven children that always seemed to bring me to anger and the next step when I was young was to lash out in violence and I justified it and until I learned that to break them with truth was much better the tool. One example I used on them was, I always had rules and they would break them . One day I got out the game of Monopoly and set it up, however I gave my self the usual start up money and I gave them 5.00 each they complained "not fair you didn't give us the money we were supposed to get" in which I told them. "You changed my rules to suit your needs I am changing the rules to my favor seems fair to me"
We need to be careful and make sure we don't reach out with anger followed by violence that leads to reverse anger condemning us. Stay on message and use wisdom to prove your point. Truth wins if you present it right. But it looses its value when you force people to believe as you do. What we should be like is ,well like a carrot in a garden, amongst all the other vegetables planted in the garden even if overwhelmed with other veg tables the carrot still comes out a carrot. Its what is inside the carrot that makes it a carrot, its genetic code causes it to only take from the earth what it needs to be a carrot. Most people are born carrots but somehow look at tomatoes or radishes and want to be like them . Truth is the only thing that will bring them around. You want to be a radical be a radical learner and study the truth, be a radical in the way you live don't be a public lie or hypocrite, be radical in honesty, sometimes its hard when those seemingly Innocent things will go unnoticed. But if you pilfer,"white Lie",fall prey to waste, you lessen who you are and people will see that and your solid truth you profess will be nothing.

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  1. So very true.. so very true... I like Dave, am so inspired by everyone here. You give me pause for thought, and my prayer is that you keep writing. People like you and others here, have so much inside them just waiting to boil over. Just because you are a nail bender (thank goodness you are who you are) doesn't mean you aren't smart, don't feel or have emotion and knowledge to share with all. Keep Writing!!!!!