Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Power of Choice

I usually start thinking about nothing and don't have any clear idea and as the day progresses and it becomes clear to me. So I some how, came about thinking of choices and who makes them. I mean everybody has an idea about choices from some of the most minute choices, to the choices that would last a life time. You spend sometimes hours on choices and others in a flash you've made a decision. Sometimes others either make choices that affect you directly indirectly or will affect you now or will affect you down the road in to the future.
So choices seem to me to be very important they seem to be so important that we should not hasten them .OK I'm not saying weather the chocolate or white milk decisions, but the choices that will impact you whether directly or indirectly.
Lets say marriage, you would never just walk out on the street and grab someones hand stand before a judge or minister and say I do and hope for bliss.It just doesn't work that way its what does happen when you do spend sometime in thought. Is it the right one is it the right time is it the best thing you should do.Allot to consider, considering the divorce rate in the US.
The real direction of my thought is this as a country we go to a voting booth and we spend so much time on the President so much on Congressmen but as far as local elections some shlub comes along and hes a friend of so and so or hes a great guy others say. We put little investment into these politicians on the local scale and yet somehow some way  or another, these people are the very ones that make choices that affect us directly and indirectly. They also move on and grow in the political spectrum and they just keep going and like  lets say Barrack Obama.
How foolish some people were who took that one vote and used it to put in power pretty much the worst man we have seen on the political front . He came from some where and why was he so special. How bad were his opposition candidates both in and out of party.Someone was there, who was it.
Bottom line we need to have not good candidates at the local level but great candidates. One whose heart and mind are in grounded in truth but in knowledge of the founding documents and liberties of this country. If they move up in the political arena we can have great candidates and are assured they will at least have the tools to make decisions based on what they know. I would hope that the future we we will see people making choices as I see them not just being with a "one vote doesn't matter" or "I ain't good enough".We must take a part whether in the public or behind the scene .We can make a difference but  the foundation begins with making a choice. The right choice.

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how Radical

People are starting to get angry with the Pres. and well they should. He is destroying the very fabric of our country by his way of thinking and putting inn to our lives by using the gov. to get his way.
So here comes the anger and what follows then? I raised seven children that always seemed to bring me to anger and the next step when I was young was to lash out in violence and I justified it and until I learned that to break them with truth was much better the tool. One example I used on them was, I always had rules and they would break them . One day I got out the game of Monopoly and set it up, however I gave my self the usual start up money and I gave them 5.00 each they complained "not fair you didn't give us the money we were supposed to get" in which I told them. "You changed my rules to suit your needs I am changing the rules to my favor seems fair to me"
We need to be careful and make sure we don't reach out with anger followed by violence that leads to reverse anger condemning us. Stay on message and use wisdom to prove your point. Truth wins if you present it right. But it looses its value when you force people to believe as you do. What we should be like is ,well like a carrot in a garden, amongst all the other vegetables planted in the garden even if overwhelmed with other veg tables the carrot still comes out a carrot. Its what is inside the carrot that makes it a carrot, its genetic code causes it to only take from the earth what it needs to be a carrot. Most people are born carrots but somehow look at tomatoes or radishes and want to be like them . Truth is the only thing that will bring them around. You want to be a radical be a radical learner and study the truth, be a radical in the way you live don't be a public lie or hypocrite, be radical in honesty, sometimes its hard when those seemingly Innocent things will go unnoticed. But if you pilfer,"white Lie",fall prey to waste, you lessen who you are and people will see that and your solid truth you profess will be nothing.

Over the Top

this thought is dedicated to Jesus whose message of salvation was from one to another and so on and it keeps traveling. The libs in the same way will continue spreading their message in the same way going over the top of reason and thought. Making it the truth with no foundation but keep preaching it as truth and like Winston Churchill said "a lie can make it half way arround the world before truth can tie its shoes."

So truth needs to go over the top it needs to be the hammer that crushes the lies put forth by the libs. I listened to a radio preacher years ago who went to the Denver Mint and he asked "how do these" (refering to the people looking for counterfit bills), "how do they find the counterfit bills by looking at counterfit bills to find the flaws . No he was told they look over and over at the real dollar they know all the parts and when an imperfection is there they spot it.Our truth needs to be over the top of the lies so much so that when the people see the lies put forth the see it and

Monday, June 28, 2010

the changes

When I was young my world with Micky Mouse club,My Friend Flicka,Skyler King, Father Knows Best my parents leaned toward the radio and listened to shows like the Show of Shows,Amos and Andy,The Shadow and many more and how these shows or at least most of them transitioned to TV. Their parents, my grandparents started their lives reading books and newspapers they transitioned into radio when it came along. Today however my children and grandchildren are being exposed to a world I never seen in my youth. How sad their minds are being shaped and what comes with the destroying of the mind comes destroying of everything wholesome and true.
I remember "Tinker Toys,Lincoln Logs,Erector Sets" and other creative toys. My wife and I recently went out to get Monopoly to play with the grand kids how cheaply made it was and rules and cards were changed. Products are coming in from countries that don't understand our culture and national thought as it pertains to the way we work,play and live.
Now my point is this we have so far given up as we have gone down through especially the past decades a road that strips us of our purism the fabric and fibre that makes us who we are. Our lifestyle so to speak has been dumbed down we have no foundation as it was when I was young. As even if you could try to protect your children from the bad things their friends parents don 't share the same values. I wish I had a clear cut answer that you could put your hand on and say this is it.
My best answer is get close to truth and live it be a witness an example.How many people do you know that you have said I wish I was like him or her. I like Mother Teresa, who when alive past off what this world had to offer and sought the comfort of God in His arms for where to live her life out.