Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Glenns Books and my opinion

Glenn and his library:

I don't know if I’m the only one here but I am sick of the Beck book club....yes he does have something to say but the constant barrage of books that over and over again keep coming out.

I got news for Glenn there are some great books for personal growth such as

Pilgrims Progress by John Bunyan

Real Christianity by William Wilberforce

Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonheoffer

In His steps by Charles Sheldon and of course

The Bible (I am non-denominational and use the New International Version)

And these are but a small few that I have read and have moved me forward to not be sidetracked and led astray by all the garbage that is out there today. There are many other books written freely and available through the local library. But Glenn it seems that he has his focus on what he says.

I do like Rush Limbaugh much more than Glenn, there has been quite a few years since Rush wrote a book. What he says on radio is current, important to help each person to go on a journey of their own and learn about truth. He doesn’t tell you to hoard veggies, buy gold. I wouldn’t respect him if he did. I am not even rich enough to set aside the income necessary to do what Glenn requires and buy all his books. My limited income is typical to most people around me. Besides can you imagine what it will be like if you have food and are smiling while your neighbor is eating tree leaves? If civil unrest and apoctiliptic events take place, those that live in cities will rampage the country side looking for food and needs to survive. I know some around me are “gunning” up and preparing for what they feel will come. I think the best thing we all can do is change ourselves as Glenn says which I agree with. But Jesus said it better “you will be my witnesses”, a witness is not only one who seen it happen but a witness can be someone who proves by his life it really works.

Tough times are ahead, yet as we stand looking at the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah we realize as Lot did, you can live among them and show them but if they are “hell bent” in the direction they want to go then there is no stopping them. Remember the angels the people wanted and even rejected Lots offer to send out his daughters. If you do leave Sodom and Gomorrah don’t look back it isn’t worth it you will have done all you could. Remember Lots wife, a pillar of salt.

You want to grow, may I suggest grow by reading the Bible every day, set aside all those other books and read how you were made and why. You will not be judged as much by man as God will judge you. The difference is when God judges you it is the correction and redirection for your life. Man will always criticize and have ideas about how you should be. I am thankful for Glenn’s falling down and getting up but there are many who have done that. Some like Spafford wrote in hymn “It is well with my Soul”. Or Joh n Newton and his affirmation “Amazing Grace” Glenn has an understanding and I am well with that but as a “newcomer” he needs to be careful on what and how he says things. He has his wealth but all his gold will not stop the evil that will come. It doesn’t always come from outside but can come from within. Having raised seven children and seeing the church multiple times a week and ensuring a moral, ethical, and spiritual teaching base did not ensure they all would seek God. In fact maybe one or two really express God as someone, not they should be led by Him but that He exists.

The final end is this God the Father has expressed the “End Times” in His word and the out by which each one can go. He won’t stop tragedy nor prevent destructive things whether personal or worldwide. Your fleeting shot at life on Earth is not what He cares about but the Eternal life He has for you.

Which one of you would have all the gold in the world to give to have one more year with your family, or would you rid yourself of all yourself to have an Eternity with your family. His plan is simple “accept Jesus as your personal Savior and ask forgiveness for your sins” it’s a very simple prayer but if you are sincere He will, as the new Sheppard of your life, give you all you need to endure.

In Rome how must it have been to those who accepted Christ and then to be impaled on a cross or thrown to the lions. Taking a stand takes faith and you can’t drum up enough by yourself to handle all the adversity that will come, but in Him there is strength and peace, grace and mercy to endure. I would that all would seek eternal life and see the life here as an opportunity to “WITNESS” and stand and hope for others salvation. But if they do not come it is not your job to fret. We, Christians, that is can also have a great hope as well when in the past as recent as the turbulent 60’s there was many young people who accepted Christ as Savior and moved away from the “hippie” movement, I know I was there.

Bless you and thank you for reading this; it is my hope that God will use this to give you a reason to come to Him, on your own.