Thursday, July 1, 2010

Whose fault is it any way?

Daniel 10v13 "the prince of the Persian king resisted me twenty one days" You are scratching your head Bill what are you trying to say? prince of Persian king where are you going with this..
Hang in there it takes a bit of time to develope. The roots of this country remember how it got started and whose idea it was "people of faith in God and not just any God but the one true Holy God of the Bible. England looked at the New World as a profit making machine but those  who came here sought a new place far away from persecution and forced ways to believe . They knew that they could be here, with England far away. So as this country developes it has greater and greater leanings toward God. His wisdom is sought to develope from our very roots and foundations to who we are and what we beleive. They trusted Him to make decisions they could not make for themselves and if you have any doubt read up on these amazing men its almost like seeing Abraham, Elijah, Daniel,David,as well as others from the scriptures that beleived.
You cannot put modern day thinking to the way they thought. They had no internet ,radio television to form thought, only books of that era and the Bible. You must remember these men were forming a New Country different in every way. They knew of kings and kingdoms and other forms of goverment none was anywhere near what they sought. They wanted new and bold so they went back and found the Bibke gave the best answer for their questions.
So getting back to the "whose fault is it any way". Its Gods! because our roots are based in Him and His word we have invited an attack from the evil one Satan. I don't care what you think but answer me this, why does Obama and the goverment whether Federal State or Local, do what they do it makes no sense, no reason, we are being destroyed by a higher power. They are being lead unfortunately by their blindness. They don't care what they do or how they do it.
Now reallly think about it why destroy a country that not only takes care of its own and even feeds and cares for the rest of the world. Why?Unless it is by a higher power . Look at Europe some of Gods greatest work was done there and look at where they are today full of anger and strife. They turned from God and He graciously stepped aside and as His free will for us individually dictates.
Is He willing to help us, any time we ask. But it must be with a repentant heart.
Israel when in the Old Testament turned from God ,He gave them what they wanted. The same applies to us, when they went to fight battles He was there when they served Him they won, when they turned their back on Him they lost. When they were hungry, He fed them, when they turned their back to Him they starved. When they complained about the mana he gave them the quail and struck them for the glutinous hording and consuming they did.
When anyone turns their back to God or tells Him to step aside He is so filled with such Grace He does, and it cannot be easy for Him, but as he has allowed us to be free with our thinking He must allow us to have our way.
A free nation full of freedom and free thinking men is ripe for the picking in Satans eyes. Ask yourself why a nation that defends and feeds and gives monetary support to the world at large , why are we being allowed to be destroyed with in. I see a Tower of Babel in Washington DC where we have told God to step aside, where we have become our own god as a nation. We have shaken our fist at God and what used to be suffient has now become mana to us and we hate it. When we have found no leadership we have built a golden calf and worshipped it. We call upon Him who is Holy and surrender for a moment to His will(remember 9/11 and how we felt) and then quickly shove Him aside when we think we can do a better job.
The current leadership in this country will do the bidding of Satan, without question or doubt, yes they may call it Liberalism or Proggesiveism but it still the same thing in itself .Rebellion toward God. I long for the US to turn arround ,but more so than anything I pray for individuals to turn around and bow to their knees and repent for their foolishness. Daniel ,Shadrach,Meshach and Abednego suffered the fate of their rebellious nation and so will men who follow God, suffer here. It is Grace in action. Deny God as  a head of household and the family suffers. Yes it is Gods fault in one way and one way alone. He had hope that as He did with Israel that we would hold fast to His truths and follow Him. But I don't see the great eagle of the US in Revelations and I know the end of the book. God loves us all but by His own admission He will give us what we want and we will suffer our choices.


  1. Oh Amen!! You touched me! Someone asked yesterday why God was allowing this to happen to our Country. I told them God was allowing because he gave us free will, and it was our choice. Remarkable! I love it!! Keep writing!!

  2. Great Bill and you are right. As I sit here and watch what is happening to our country it is because we have lost the will to ask God for his help. He is letting have our will and we as nation are destroying ourselves. I feel he is angry with our choices here on earth but will stand aside and watch. It is time for everyne to get on their knees ask for forgiveness and help to guide us in the right direction.