Monday, July 5, 2010

Commuity Organizer or Leader?

Our country has now seen what it is like to elect a community organizer to a position that Ronald Reagen held as a leader.

The vast and stark differences are definitive, no one can hold to saying, that to bring the US into a place of leadership in the world we need a community organizer with community ideas. Hillary Clinton with her “It takes a Village” was another one who believe in the aspects of a community. Every one in a community mind set with no winners or losers. We cannot see how evident that the “World Peace” activism is wrong totally wrong and also that making everyone the same on a playing field with no winners is wrong as well and to further use the “game mentality” you cannot take the crowd and bring them on the field as well.

Who the hell would go to watch Peyton Manning play football if he gave Bret Favre a big hug before the game and said “we hope you win Bret” and further who would want the referees to come out on the field dressed in pink and lavender and say”well all we are here to do is make the game fair so Peyton if you score to many touchdowns Green Bay will get your extras so that you both have the same points at the end of the game.” Then someone in the crowd yells out “I want to play let me play it’s not fair so the referees can do nothing more than let the one play and then others in the crowd want to play too. Because we are trying to be fair we let anyone play who wants to . As well as they get the same pay as Peyton. I could go on and on .Competition is there for a reason ,we all like it, well those that understand there are always going to be winners and losers. Losers are losers if they just set, whine, complain and refuse to provide themselves a self respect that demands they get up and do something about themselves and don’t run to the ones who have as a cash cow for their life.

I guess what I am trying to say is Obama’s view of America is to equal everything out and make everyone the same. In that kind of world those that work hard and are disciplined and have a positive attitude about them will have to freely give to the losers, who by definition are not willing to get up off the dead spot on their back side and make it happen. Robin Trower in one of his songs “Too Rolling Stoned” has one line that will stick with me and hopefully you as well. “Takers get the Honey….Givers sing the Blues”

Those that just go on taking and taking what wasn’t theirs to begin with bring misery to those who have their money or possessions taken away to give to the losers. You cannot take and take and take...truth is that cash well has to run dry. Community Organizers are nothing more than a cancer to suck the life out of the producers. They come out of nowhere, however unlike cancer they represent “hope and change” saying how the rich and prosperous must pay their fair share. I have yet to be employed by a welfare recipient or homeless person. They can’t find a way to support themselves yet they look at prosperity as a sin. Community Organizers love these people to further their agenda they target these as the down trodden that couldn’t make it because of unfair rules and such. Nothing but lies.

Leaders however tell those takers. Sorry about your luck now get up and get moving. Leaders also point to the good ahead and the bad that is behind. They inspire and encourage and lead by example. They adjust to tragedy and resolve to rise above and not, dwell and regress but move forward. In doing so the losers benefit by the fact that the kind hearted sympathetic leaders give to those who they have mercy on, but if you just become a community leader you fail to inspire but become the chief complainer no one gains in this situation but all loose.
You have a choice America which will you follow?

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  1. Football analogy.... How cool is that ??? Good job pal !!!