Thursday, July 8, 2010

America Christian Nation

No No No...look in any dictionary to be a Christian any thing means to follow the one before you whose leadership you ascribe to. Whether Buddhism, Confucius, or any other religion the premise is to follow a leader and ascribe with your whole heart to it. You are only a Christian Nation if you ascribe to Jesus Christ. Now lets face it do we truly I mean truly ascribe to Christ His teachings His way of life, His deep commitment to the Father who art in Heaven. We gave up on the run on the Christian thing long ago and don’t throw the “when they took prayer out of schools” thing either. We long ago turned our back as a nation to Him who is Holy.

Any one can stand inside an aisle where plumbing parts are sold and say, “I’m a plumber”. We all know how stupid this is yet we say cause we go to church and pray we are somehow more holy and live with in the constraints of a divine inspired invisible walls of this country and all of a sudden God spreads some kind of magic light from Heaven and we some how are better than any one else on this world. Nothing could be farther from the truth. To be Holy one must live as He who one follows, in this case Christ, who by the way followed His Father, He sought His Fathers will and divine intervention which by the way included a cross to give salvation to those who could only earn it by Divine Grace.

So before you paint the Christian brush on the borders of the USA and portray the USA as a Nation under God, look aground you would you live as a pig wallowing in mud? you may want to know even a pig defecates away from his food and bed and keeps his bed clean. Sad to say they respect their home more than we do. Bend down America and eat the slop from the trough and enjoy this you want to live in. A Christian nation has a Holy, payer led, Divine inspired life of its own. A natural leaning not forced but just assumed that “this is the way a Christian Nation lives”.

Yes God is present here and in every part of this world does He act on behalf of the USA only?..NO!…His divine plan is salvation…not peace, prosperity, nor good health none of these things. He wants us to be in Heaven..FOREVER…

Quit the false premises America. Look what He did with Israel He punished them severely. They became disobedient and He led them in to captivity to be slaves to those whose gods they worshipped.

Quit looking up just the “fluff” verses. This is a battlefront a war zone for the hearts of man. This battle will continue even after Armageddon…because after a thousand years the Devil who is Satan will be released and yes even after a thousand years of a Holy Divine Awesome and all powerful Christ there will be those who turn to Satan instead of Christ.

Don’t try to make this a Christian nation no more, instead find any one some one and you be a witness if you follow Christ and live for Him represent His ways and teachings by living as close as you can to His ways and change that person. Paul did this and it got him beheaded…don’t expect that everyone will love you …”As they hated Me”…read the Bible and don’t skip the begats or the laws or any other part of Holy Scriptures. Seek on your face your need for forgiveness then rise up and when you fail, back to the carpet face down. He will forgive, He paid that debt a long time ago. “None, no not one”…..yea none of us can expect a flowerily lifestyle, however we can see the war more clearly and discipline our lives to follow the… “Master” …as John and Peter and the other disciples called Him. Stand up America to follow Christ, we may not be a Christian nation anymore but we can sure show the world …Grace and Mercy that leads to Salvation.

By the way the “road to destruction is broad and wide…how many go that way? …Many!

But narrow is the road that leads to life…as an old farm boy I would go down to the pasture to bring up the cows and they always had these paths stuck amongst the brush and debris that you had to go wandering through to find them, many times I got scratched and tripped and slipped in to wet spots looking for them. But the joy was in finding them. Follow Christ yes it is hard but the joy is in finding Him.

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  1. If only people who read this really understand, as you seem to, what following Christ and living a Christian life really means. If they did, we wouldn't be in this mess. But, we as humans, always think we know better than God. We do it our way, while he stands back and let's us. Free will, that is what He gave us.. and it is truly being used to destroy this nation.